Sub-floor install begins.

Now that the joists have all been installed, it is time to install the sub-floor. For the sub-floor we chose a product that combines a radiant panel and sub-floor all in one. While installing the Warmboard is more complex then installing a standard sub-floor due to the fact that you have to follow a plan, it is not rocket science. There are three panel types that are used to create the pattern for the for the tubes to run in.


Adult Lego

ok, it is not really adult lego, but ICF which stands for Insulated concrete forms.  Basically you stack they like you would lego, putting rebar as you go and tie the blocks as needed.  Once you have them ready to go you fill them with concrete making sure they are level both vertical and horizontal and your good to go.  We looked at a couple different manufactures of ICF blocks and settles on the Advantage ICF building System by Plasti-Fab.   We are using their 6″ block which is really 11″ wide with a 6″ concrete core.

Footings are poured

Well we no longer have just a hole in the ground, we now have a hole in the ground with footings.  That said, I am sure they could not have picked a colder day if they had tried, but even with the cold they decided to go ahead with the pour.  Just wish I had a picture of the footings, but for some reason I can not find them.